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Please note that this document is a work in progress, as we continue to confirm ALL sources of information contained within, both from public records sources as well as from the Wexler Campaign itself.  As such, this document will continue to undergo further changes, and we await Robert Wexler’s full explanation for these associations and transactions. It is our contention that this website is not suggesting that any individual owner of any company listed herein is complicit in any way with any wrongful activity, we are simply listing the owners to show that there is a direct link between all of the companies listed to the Robert Wexler for Congress Committee.

   We believe it is important to note that the primary purpose of this website is not to offer legal opinions nor to make sweeping allegations, rather to put forth all of the documentary evidence we have obtained pertaining to Robert Wexler’s campaign contributors that has been researched and obtained from public records. As we have learned from the media’s handling of Wexler’s residency issue, many media outlets are simply not interested in objective reporting and fact-finding – the purpose of which is to keep ALL public officials honest and to protect the public’s interest. Unfortunately, we have found that there is great reluctance on the media’s part to investigate their favored politicians, even when evidence surfaces that would move any honest and objective individual to agree that an investigation should be pursued.

 All of the connections that are highlighted will have a public record that is referenced or have been verified by company personnel. It is up to you form your own opinions as to what these associations and transactions ultimately mean, and whether all of the transactions they describe are legitimate and within the confines of the law.  It is our opinion that once you review the web of associations and consider the proof for yourself, any fair-minded person will come to the same conclusion that has prompted me to run for the United States Congress; and also has prompted a federal investigation by the F.B.I. We must rid Washington of corrupt politicians who are more concerned with their private special interests and their re-election campaign than they are with the concerns of their constituents

The FACTS are as follows:

From July 23rd through July 30th Wexler's Congressional Committee revised 25 Federal Election Commission (FEC) Reports dating back to early 2001. All the reports removed the firm Newbridge Securities as the corporation from which funds were received to one of several other companies including; West Park Capital, Inc., Capital Gains Consultants, Inc., Catamount Capital Management, and Capital Gains Real Estate Consultants, Inc. among others. Several of these companies had been out of business when the reports listed that the stated funds had been paid. On July 25th, 2008, two days after Wexler’s Congressional Committee began amending FEC reports, Newbridge Securities and it’s Owners were brought up on charges before the Securities and Exchange Commission on an  Order Instituting Public Administrative and Cease-and-Desist Proceedings for a pattern of securities violations over many years.

It is clear that Robert Wexler removed Newbridge Securities from his Federal Election Commission financial reports. It is not clear why he was doing this nor is it clear why he would replace Newbridge Securities with companies that were no longer in business. It is also a fact that he was receiving large sums of dividends and/or capital gains from either Newbridge Securities or these other companies.  

You may ask yourself whether or not there is a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why RWCC decided to remove Newbridge Securities from every single FEC financial report that they were mentioned in. We believe Congressman  Wexler has committed several FEC violations as well as having laundered money through his congressional committee by misleading and diverting the actual source of funds that his committee received, which is the definition of money laundering.

The Robert Wexler for Congress Committee also lent two of the principals from Capital Gains Real Estate Consultants $300,000 through two separate mortgages.  Both of the mortgages were satisfied, one of which was satisfied days after the residency scandal and several months after the house was foreclosed on. This recently satisfied mortgage was held in a secondary position and therefore should not have been satisfied prior to the primary mortgage due to the foreclosure proceedings. The person signing the satisfaction of these mortgages is a congressional staffer and owner of the investment company Capital Gains Consultants listed above.  One of the satisfactions was witnessed by Thomas Plante, Robert Wexler’s campaign consultant from his initial bid for Congress in 1996.  Thomas Plante also lent these two people $140,000 in return for an interest free mortgage on the property. We have been unable to find any mention of these mortgages on any of RWCC's FEC disclosure reports.

In addition, in 1999 and 2000, the Robert Wexler for Congress Committee invested with a company called Joseph Charles & Associates that lost anywhere between $85,000 and $185,000.  The actual amount of the loss is unknown as the year end total listed in Wexler's FEC report for this company differs from the quarterly totals and then further differs from the RWCC's tax return.  What is undeniable is the fact that this company lost a lot of money for the campaign.

The Robert Wexler for Congress Committee also received large sums of money, perhaps in the form of dividends or capital gains from a company called, Cohen and Cramer since 2000.  This company was sold and changed its name and business address in 2005 yet the FEC reports continue to list Cohen and Cramer as a source of funds in recent financial reports.

Why did Robert Wexler remove Newbridge Securities from all of those reports?  Was it because of all of its SEC violations?  Was it because this company was associated with stock deals that were questioned by the SEC and NASD?  Was it because he gave $300,000 in mortgages from his campaign account to relatives of the principals of the company without disclosing the transaction in his financial statements?  Was it for some other reason?  We do not know the answers.  What we do know is that there is something not right with changing all of those reports.  We do know that failing to accurately disclose the source or destination of large sums of money is known as money laundering.  We do know that this is quite a large organized group of companies and individuals. 

We also know that Robert Wexler had previously invested in a company in 2000 and received large contributions from that company that was run by Anthony D’Amato, who is now serving time in a federal prison for stock fraud schemes.  That company was Eagle Technologies.

The following social network analysis is our best attempt to graphically depict all of the known links between the different companies and individuals involved with Robert Wexler to assist all interested persons in better understanding the very questionable web that has been created by Robert Wexler and his campaign contributors.

Simply click on a name or company and follow the trail. You decide if this is the type of “representative” that we deserve.

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UPDATE – 10-19-2008 

Events are unfolding quickly as they pertain to the Robert Wexler for Congress Campaign, as our independent fact-finding mission to uncover the creative and mysterious ways that Robert Wexler appropriates his campaign finances continues.

Edward Lynch has been served with a threatening letter from Robert Wexler’s attorney pertaining to many of the statements that were made on wexlersweb.com.  You can view that letter right here for yourself. In that letter, accusations against Ed were made that we simply don’t agree with.  For example, we were accused of publishing “defamatory material” and “false accusations”; in addition to spreading “libel”.  Pretty serious charges- but totally baseless, in our opinion. 

For those of you interested in a good definition of the term defamation:

An intentional false communication either published or publicly spoken, that injures another’s reputation or good name.

We’ve done no such thing.  We are not at all about publishing defamatory material or false accusations, and the last thing we want to do is commit libel.  To the contrary, we are singularly interested in raising public awareness by pursuing an honest fact-finding investigation into the state of Robert Wexler’s campaign finances- and we are content to let the cards fall where they may, while never compromising our pursuit of the truth.

We would like to remind Mr. Wexler’s attorney that the First Amendment safeguards for freedom of speech, and the scope of Constitutional protection extends to statements of opinion on matters of public concern that do not contain or imply a provable factual assertion, see Milkovich v. Lorain Journal Co., 497 U.S. 1 (1990).  We are not going to be mau-maued by anyone, as it is our right and responsibility to call attention to these highly questionable associations and transactions- and we believe that we are well within our right, and on safe legal grounds, to do so.

We stand by every question that we have raised in on wexlersweb.com, and would like to remind Robert Wexler and his attorney that every question that we have raised is sourced from a public record document.  If Robert Wexler is willing to open up his campaign finances to more public scrutiny, we would be happy to assist all interested parties in undertaking an honest public inspection.

One last question we’d like to throw out there for those interested observers who are following these developments- How come Mr. Wexler’s attorney’s address- 1111 Brickell Ave. in Miami - corresponds with that of Cohen and Cramer, aka International Capital Markets Inc., a company which paid interest and dividends to the Robert Wexler for Congress Committee?  Is it merely a coincidence?  Inquiring minds would like to know.

UPDATE – 10-27-2008 

Edward Lynch has received a letter from Newbridge Securities Corporation pertianing to their dealings with Robert Wexler.  You can view the letter here.

Though the letter appears to answer several questions pertaining to their dealings with Robert Wexler and his campaign committee it also leaves many questions unanswered while creating several new questions.

It is now confirmed that Wexler's congressional committee did invest and have dealings with Newbridge Securities Corporation in 2001 and 2002. Why then did he remove them from ALL of his Federal Election Commission Financial Disclosure reports, even those during the time Newbridge states to have worked with him?


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