Robert Wexler for Congress Committee

A Washington D.C. corporation.

From July 23rd through July 30th Wexler's Congressional Committee revised 25 FEC Reports dating back to early 2001. All the reports removed the firm Newbridge Securities as the corporation from which funds where received to one of several other companies including West Park Capital, Inc., Capital Gains Consultants, Inc., Catamount Capital Management, and Capital Gains Real Estate Consultants, Inc. among others. Several of these  companies had been out of business when it was now stated funds had been paid.

Additionally, Robert Wexler for Congress Committee was the lender on two mortgages for an investment property owned at the time by Roy Amico and Armand Amico. These mortgages totaled $300,000 and ranged from 2004 until 2006. Both mortgages were released/ satisfied in 2008. Neither the loan, loan payments (with interest) or final satisfaction of the mortgages are ever listed in the FEC reports filed.

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